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Kobold Offshoot of Dragon-God Korganidraxis
Kordax is the kobold vision of the dragon-god Korganidraxis. While other people see him as a god of protection, the kobolds differ, in that they have no cause to see protection as anything but futility.

Instead, they see him in a more practical light; to them, he is a patron of self-sufficiency. Kobolds revere him and use him in lessons to teach their youth about the value of learning and doing for themselves. In complement with this, Kordax is a hope-god for the kobolds, vouchsafing for them the ability to see their way through troubled times.

As with other peoples who revere Korganidraxis, kobolds see him as a god of dream. His power is the revelation, the ability to see futures or pasts in slumber. It extends, however, even into the more mundane, into the gaining of insight or fresh perspective through dreams which shift memories in the mind.

Alignment: LG
Kordax is the god of Dreams, Self-Sufficiency, And Hope For An End To Troubles.
Clerical Domains: Dream, Good, Hope, Meditation
Kordax is a member of the Elder Dragons, Kobold Pantheon

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz