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Last of the Elder Dragons in Geas
Korganidraxis is the golden light of hope and the wisdom that can come from reflection upon the simple, yet profound, moments of life.

Though he would later become the last of the great Elder Dragons to remain in the physical realm to fulfill their pact with the elves, during Atma's height Korganidraxis the Dreamer, above the other Elder Dragons, was revered for his widely-purported desire to protect the weak from the strong who would do them harm, and for the solemn wisdom, over which he presides, that may be found in dreams. It is said amongst his Atman followers that while Korganidraxis dreams on Geas, there is a future for all the Free Peoples.

Korganidraxis himself has never cultivated a following; indeed, he tries to dissuade those new followers from joining worship whenever he can, but he offers succor to all those who are fervent enough to not be turned away. After the other Elder Dragons left the world, worship, and even widespread knowledge of Korganidraxis passed into history, leaving only a few tales in old, musty books read by none but scholars and scribes.

Korganidraxis's favored weapons is the spear.

Alignment: LG
Races who worship Korganidraxis are Human, Elf
Korganidraxis is worshipped in Atma, Tel-Tenauril
Korganidraxis is the god of Dreams, Protection Of The Defenseless, Perseverance
Clerical Domains: Dream, Good, Protection, Meditation
Korganidraxis is a member of the Atman Pantheon, Elder Dragons

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen