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Fight Or Flight
Red Dragon means a quick exit.
Well it was a fairly typical day in Tranquility. Me and my good pals Al, and Anna taking a "nature" hike, keeping a lookout, maybe going a bit further than we should. Then, Kobolds! Al, and Ann and I were able to make quick work of the group we found, but then we found more, and more of the filthy creatures. We headed back to town to warn them, but it hardly seemed necessary as the beasts were right on our heals. Back in town, we were able to shout a warning before the town was truly in it, for all the good it did. We were sent back to our building, we met Sibyl, she gave us some advice, told us we needed to go, and bid us well, as we heard the unmistakable sound of wings. Sibyl left us then. The last we saw of her we were headed out of town, and could see her become engulfed in the largest flame front I have ever seen. A huge Red Dragon had landed right by the building and was attacking her. However we knew we would be of no use. So we headed out of town as she had told us. I fear we will never see her, or Tranquility again. It was the first place I could ever really call home, but I'm not without hope. If anyone could persevere under those odds, it would be Sibyl, and the unusually resilient people of Tranquility.

Associated Regions: Shattered Kingdoms, Tranquility
From the journal of Zachary Gold

Contributor: Joey Zilka