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The fabled first city of the Zanathae
Tollum was the first city settled by the followers of Zaren folling their exodus into the Underdark.

The city was inhabited for nearly two hundred years before the Mind Flayers made their first move, catching the inhabitants off guard and levelling the city from within.

The surviving clans of Tollum travelled deeper into the earth, eventually founding the city of Zanathaern in a defensible series of natural caverns.

To the Zanathae the city of Tollum is simply known as the first city, a place of legend and myth. Due to its close proximity with the territory of the Mind Flayers it's exact location has gone undiscovered for millenia, though its general whereabouts are hinted at in song and legend.

Associated regions include Underdark, Zanathaern, Atma, Rilayeh
Tollum is located in Underdark

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen