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Home of the Underdark humans
(Pronounced Zann-Ah-Thay-Airn)

When Zaren the Prescient, Master Diviner of the Atman Circle Of Nine, saw the end of the world fast approaching he began to gather about him the friends and families of close and trusted friends. As the years went by his following began to grow as Zaren himself grew more and more distant.

Finally, in the year -13 A.A. Zaren led his followers deep beneath the surface, down into the depths of the world. Down to a safe land where they could start anew, away from the devastaion and ruin of the surface.

It was during this time that the mind flayers, a race of creatures who had been slumbering beneath the world for eons past, were awakened by the cataclysms that rocked the surface of the world above.

Zaren and his people were some of the first victims of the Mind Flayers, who required a ready source of sustinance and slave labor.

The few survivors of the initial onslaught fled deeper into the earth, beneath even where their alien assailants had tread. There they founded the city of Zanathaern, their final stronghold.

As the centuries past Zanathaen grew. Slowly, but it grew nonetheless. The Mind Flayers, well aware of human presence below their ancient cities, were nothing if not patient and wise. Rather than destroy the humans outright, they decided to prune them from time to time, as one might do a garden. A steady supply of slaves and meals would then be assured.

The Zanathaernan people, having survived generations of warfare against their Mind Flayer oppressors, began to develop strange powers. Not magic, exactly, but.. something else. The powers of the furthest regions of the intellect, the ability to wield psionic powers.

Inhabitants: zanathae
Associated regions include Rilayeh
Zanathaern is located in Underdark

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen