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Wife and mother to Thral-Tep, god-king of El-Alahd
Nephkhuet was the wife of Ankhotep, an incarnation of Thral-Tep, the living god of El-Alahd. She has two children from a previous marriage to Nakhtikhu, the previous captian of the royal guard who died protecting Ankhotep from an assasin of Ashuran.

Ankhotep took Nephkhuet as his wife and and as the years passed they too grew to love eachother.

In 3025 AA she lost her husband to the rituals of the god-king, as the birth to their daughter Nephriankhtetys heralded the end of the life of Ankhotep as the last of his devine essence was passed to his daughter.

Nephkhuet greives the loss of her husbands deeply, not having been raised to the duty of wife to the god-king as the previous wives had been.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: El-Alahd

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen