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The living god of El-Alahd
Thral-Tep is the lord of the free human nation of El-Alahd, both mortal and god at the same time. He is the offspring of the deity Nephtet .

In each only child of Thral-Tep is a spark of devine essence which grows and becomes the Living God reincarnate. Is is in this way that Thral-Tep is both devine and mortal, each new incarnation of the deity knows all the previous incarnation did, though the experiences are tempered by the experiences of his new mortal life.

When a child is born to Thral-Tep, be the child man or woman, the current mortal incarnation of the living god passes from this world to the next. It is in this manner that Thral-Tep represents the cycle of the mortal world, from life to death, from death to life.

Thral-Tep is directly opposed by Ashuran. Hundreds of years ago twins were born to the mortal incarnation of Thral-Tep. The first child bore the right to the devine essence, though the second was also infused with a portion of this devine power.

As the children grew older it quickly became apparent that while one child was fair and just, the other was underhanded and devious.

Ultimately, the child Thral-Tep drove his brother, Ashuran, into the wilds of the desert. To this day Ashuran plots his revenge and seeks a way to claim the throne which he believes is rightfully his.

Thral-Tep's favored weapon is the khopesh. Clerics of Thral-Tep automatically gain exotic weapon proficiency in the khopesh.

Alignment: LG
Races who worship Thral-Tep are humans
Thral-Tep is worshipped in El-Alahd
Thral-Tep is the god of El-Alahd, The Sun, Justice, Rulership, Mortality
Clerical Domains: Nobility, Sun, Law, Good
Thral-Tep is a member of the Aeonae Modus, Alahdian Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen