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King of El-Alahd during troubled times
Ankhotep, who name means "at peace with life", was the god-king of El-Alahd and incarnation of Thral-Tep from 2989 AA to 3025 AA. He dealt as best he could with threats of desert bandits, Ashuran, and the drought he believed was inadvertantly caused by his predecessor in 2988 AA when a mountain of fire, a herald of Naresh, was diverted away from El-Alahd by the deific powers of Thral-Tep into the southern jungles of Curmeah.

In life he was both true and just, ruling fairly over his people. he was aided by Oaensekhtep, the high priest of Kho-Ensekh, who was present during his birth and was by his side during his death.

He died when his wife, Nephkhuet, gave birth to their daughter, Nephriankhtetys, and his divine energies were transfered to his daughter.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: El-Alahd

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen