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Lessten Manor
All that remains of the proud Lessten family.
Long ago, the people of Everest set out to reclaim their freedom from the opresive hand of Sellador, after the nation had sought to expand it's borders. They marched on the manor of the noble family that had been sent to hold sway over the lands, and stormed the grounds there. The lady of the house was murdered in her bed, and Lord Redrick Lessten himself held out until the very end, wielding his fiery sword in defience until his final breath, which he drew in his study.
Many years passed, and with each season the rumors that the old manor was haunted spread wider. And not without basis in fact. The manor was haunted, and is to this day, by the woeful spirit of Redrick Lessten. He and his servents (now just undead monsters) still defend the house against intruders.

Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Everest
Lessten Manor is located in Lessten

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald