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Former home of a powerful family amidst the wilds of Sellador
The Lessten family once ruled over this area as representitives of the nation of Sellador. The people of the Free Nations are willful though, and they rose us some hundred and fifty years before and freed themselves from the opressive rule of the large nation across the mountians.

The Lessten of today is one of the smaller areas of the Free Nations, and has very few area's of intrest. The Borderwode lines the Eastern border, and the only other major geographical feature is Loch Lessten, a fathoms deep lake that has yet to be fully explored or understood by even the locals.

The only two settelments in the area are the tiny village of Everest, and the Loch Lessten Gypsy Camp. The Camp is a loosely orginized jumble of buildings and docks on the lake, and is never inhabited by the same Amari tribes for very long. With the population constantly changing, it has become the Free Nations second biggest black market opperation, the first being located in Drachenhorn.

The old mannor of the Lessten family still stands, and is haunted by their vengful spirits to this day.

Inhabitants: Human
Regions located within Lessten include Everest, Lessten Manor, Loch Lessten, Shotkara Lessteni
Lessten is located in Selladorian Free Nations

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen