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The largest of the human nations, xenophobic and isolated.

"And she rose into the sky, her heart was as the sun, and the dark one who had come to devour our world was driven forever into the eternal night."

The Sage Bramahn, from "The Ascension of the Goddess Aesia"

Sellador is the most secluded of the scattered human kingdoms, having not only been physically cut off from the rest of Geas but also under the indirect control of the elves of Tel-Tenauril for a thousand years.

In 2032 a shroud of fog encircled upon Sellador as if the clouds had decended to rest upon the oceans around the land. Any ships sailing into this fog would find themselves turned around or just simply vanish. No one could enter or leave Sellador, even by magical means. The entirety of its lands were effectively cut off from the rest of the world.

There were but two ways in to or out of Sellador: by way of the desert Kharse far to the south, a poison land of silt and spirits, or across the narrow northern straits into the elven lands.

Shortly after the appearance of the mists Aradhrath, the king of the elven lands of Tel-Tenauril which border Sellador, claimed responsibility for the mists. The humans, he explained, were simply too dangerous to allow to grow and prosper. He pointed to the ruins of Atma as evidence to support his claim and to wars which seemed to plague Sellador every thirty years or so. The other goodly races of the world were outraged but could do little against the power of Tel-Tenauril. The dwarves of Citadel, having lost several colonies in Sellador to the mists, waged a brief war with the elves but to little avail. To this day dwarves and elves still hold strained relations.

The humans would be observed and guided to the path of peace, Aradhrath
claimed. In truth he hated humans, blaming them for the death of his wife and queen, Aesia. Yet, even given this hate, he did not destroy them. Rather he developed a network of spies, informants, and saboteurs that served to check the humans cultural and magical development. Ironically, the church the humans had founded in worship his former queen, Aesia, became the unwitting tool of this control. So subtle were the elven manipulations that even the highest echelons of the church had no idea that their initiative was under the hidden guiding hand of the elves of Tel-Tenauril. Even the idea of the existence of elves was manipulated to be a thing of fantasy.

Several leagues in every direction of the shores of Sellador once lied a roiling border of fog which acts as a barrier between Sellador and the outside world. Few adventurous souls journeyed into the fog, and fewer still return. Those that do are often stricken mad or are wild with tales of monsters, dragons, and elves.

There are two exceptions to the rules of the mists. To the north of Sellador lie the Forbidden Lands, which are in reality the Watch Wardens of the elven nation of Tel-Tenauril. To the south east lies the desert Kharse, one of the most formidable "natural" barriers in all Geas. In any event, the elves of Tel-Tenauril have made sure to limit the expansion of the Selladorian humans.

The Clerist Wars of 2832 AA temporarily split the nation along religious and philosophical lines, giving rise to the duchy of Gideon in the south. Gideon was absorbed back into Sellador in 2983 AA when the murder of its ruling family caused the nation's power base to collapse, yet later emerged as its own sovereign nation under the rule of Aldaric Verdain, the lost heir to the lands of Gideon and their current king. Gideon once again declared itself its own nation apart from Sellador in 2990 AA.

In 2988 the destruction of the capital of Tel-Tenauril, Thanandir, seemed to herald the disappearance of the mists isolating Sellador from he rest of Geas. Now Sellador, a curious nation of backwards humans, is left to find their place in a world that was once forbidden but now impossible to ignore.

Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Tel-Tenauril
Regions located within Sellador include Candle Cove, Gideon, Midland, Selladorian Free Nations
Sellador is located in Geas
Places Near Sellador
 W    EKharse

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen