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A Journey Of A Thousand Ri....
...begins with a single step.
Upon my arrival at the capital, I had to struggle to contain my awe. It was my first time there, and it overwhelmed me. Yet, I had a job to do, and as this was my very first assignment as yojimbo, I was resolved to do the best I could. I knew that Lady Karu was counting on me. After being shown our rooms, and getting settled in, I went out to the training grounds by the palace dojo, and spent my afternoon sharpening my skills. As my old sensei used to tell me, "Only when your mind is as honed as your blade will you be on the road to perfection."
When the afternoon gave way to evening, I went down into the city to explore and find myself a meal and a bath. I went to bed shortly thereafter to prepare myself for the council the next day.
During the council session the next day, it was brought to the attention of the envoys that Tiramoot, in the Lion lands to the south, had been sacked and burned; not a building was left standing, according to the report brought in. The city to the east was completely deserted, and it seems no one knows the cause for that. It was also reported that an army was seen moving towards Amana Dracos, the fortress Citadel of the Crab. Naturally intent of preventing the rape of another city, the council decided to send a group of runners to warn the Crab daimyo of the force marching on his stronghold.
This group included me, at Lady Karu's command.
We hastened on horseback to Amana Dracos, and passed along our information to the daimyo. Unfortunately, we were too late, and not long after we arrived the city was laid siege. We were commanded to speak to the water god, Maelstrom, for advice and assistance. We passed out of the city and crossed the longest bridge I have EVER seen, to the small island that houses Wang T'ung temple.
After passing down a long hall, we descended to a room with a great pool of water. It was here that we had our brief conversation with the god of water. We were interrupted by an ominous figure in a black cloak, who seemed to be on intimate terms with Maelstrom. After a few brief words, the great god commanded to jump into the water; it was not fast enough to prevent us from seeing the god destroyed at the hands of this malevolent thing.
We found ourselves several weeks' journey from Amana Dracos, near a small village only loosely affiliated with my clan. We are left with much sorrow, more questions, and a need to return to the council.

From the journal of Kakita Yoshitsune

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz