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Standing In A Chaos Diamond

I am starting to not enjoy chaos. Thatís a big statement for me. In fact, Iíd rather be back at Antifexís castle in hell. Canít let Islan hear me say that though. Heíd be after my head. Of course, Iím very happy weíre so close to the end of this leg of the hunt. But, hopefully when we leave, Iíll be able to sleep peaceful. No more dreams about what is here. Just have to deal with the nightmares of what has been faced already.

The closer we get, the more powerful the beasts become. And I am never accepting a fly spell again. That was dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I donít know if the spell sucked out my intelligence or what, but Iíve never acted so stupidly before. Though, the others may care to argue that fact. The simple truth, is that I was not built to fight clouds. They hover, and, I donít like that. Canít reachíem. Then I get frustrated and want to hitíem more and then everything is screwed.

And obviously, after a drawn out fight with a freakiní cloud, you think itís about to scatter and dissipate. But NO. Instead it turns into elementals. Iím hurt pretty bad. I didnít have the strength to really throw at them. Sigh. Iím just full of excuses today.

But weíve seen the tear. Itís the coolest thing Iíve ever seen in my life. Really, it restores my faith in chaos. I remembered where the druidís pass in the mountains was, and after walking along the pass we came to a great basin, pretty much carved out of the mountains. In the middle, is a convoluted, constantly shifting mass of color. It was like standing inside a diamond, except the rainbows do Goddess only knows what to you, instead of just looking pretty.

We needed to rest. We also needed to be about finding our lost druid. She left to check out what was coming up and never returned. After we came back to the tear, I threw the rest of my apple. We watched one tentacle snap out and swallow the core about halfway down its descent. Then Anwar saw it. Sparkling in the light of the crystal waves. Goddess in a box, it was the crystal. Now we need to run down the side, avoid the waving tendrils of color, and scoop the thing up. No problem.

So now weíre just looking down into it. I donít know whatíll happen if we get caught by the waves. But weíre positive Elana somehow got hung up in it. And Iím not leaving here until this is fixed or Iím dead. Besides, what choice do we have. Ultimately, the crystals are our first priority. Lochlainn, our captured comrades, they all have to take second place. Hopefully, we will kill two birds here, but its possible we wonít be able to do anything to help the land. Goddess, I pray that isnít true, but, I donít know. Canít think about that now. Gotta jump into a crater.

Hmmm. This is going to be fun.

Ok. Horus is first. Typical. But now I get to- Hey! Nyran! I was gonna go next. Damnit! I wish I had another apple core to lob at his fat head.

My turn! Woah. Almost didnít stay up. This is cool! Almost as good as standing up on a galloping horse. WAA-HOO-

From the journal of Arilyn

Contributor: Jess Landin