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"Everybody close to me has left. Of my parents, I only have vague recollection. Details are softened and blurred. I was adopted into a travelling group of performers. A dashing young elven man took me under his wing and educated me, in more ways than one. And then he broke my heart. A month later one in the troupe was accused of theiving from one of the elven nobels. We had to run. No big deal, we had had this happen before. But in the confusion, I was pushed into an alleyway. I hit my head and fell unconscious. When I later woke, I discovered the only family I've known had left me behind. I've searched forever. Of some I heard news of death. Others left behind. I don't want to be alone anymore. . ."

Arilyn is a young half-elven female. A graceful 5'7 with long black hair and crystal sea green eyes. Being naturally lithe and limber of body, she gravitated towards tumbling and dance after she was adopted into a travelling troupe of entertainers. Arilyn has no knowledge of her heritage.

Years later, an elven swordsman came to travel with the troupe. Also gifted with dexterity, he had excelled the dance with the sword. While essentially narsissistic, he amused himself by teaching the young half-elf to tumble and dance making the blade an extension of a whirling limb. When the nieve Arilyn foolishly declared her affection for him, she was given a biting statement of what he really thought of her and her inferior half-breed atatus.

Soon after the troupe was at a fair. One of the members was accused of pickpocketing an elven noble. Attempting to make an escape, Arilyn was knocked into an alley and rendered inconscious. When she woke she was out of danger. Except that the rest of the troupe was forced to leave her behind.

Wandering since, she practices fighting and tumbling, finding that a woman alone has need to protect herself. She collects some money performing at fairs. While getting stronger physically, she has also grown stronger mentally. Constantly taking cutting barbs from the high and mighty elves has a tendency to toughen up your skin even if it does make you a bit prickly. Constantly getting better at the fighting end of the spectrum, Arilyn has recently decided to try her hand at tournaments. The payoff should be better.

Alignment: CG
Race: Half-Elf
Place of Origin: Tel-Tenauril
Arilyn is a member of the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear, Dorthonion Family
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Contributor: Jess Landin