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Empty plains where once dwelt mighty sorcerer kings

The kingdom of Arkhos was one of the few to ever gain a victory against the initial retaliatory forces of Atma when it proclaimed its superiority over the mighty Atman Empire. This was enough to give the normally untouchable Circle Of Nine reason to pause and intervene directly with the course of events.

Its ruler was a mysterious figure. Some say he was half demon, and others that he was a mighty sorcerer.

Eventually, as almost all opposition did, the power of Arkhos fell to the surpeme might of the Atman armies. After the brief war the fertile soil of Arkhos was rendered useless for centuries. Yet, unlike as in most of these victories, the Atman Empire decided to annex this territory, which neighbored their own. It became a place of refuse, where the unwanted were informally exiled and the normally omnipresent rule of Atman law was absent.

Regions located within Arkhos include Henom, Ophira
Arkhos is located in Shattered Kingdoms

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen