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Siege On The Slumms
Murdoch, we finaly got em...
Dear Father,

Today justice has been done! We have been taracking Murdoch for a couple of weeks now and have finally caught up to him. We know that his main hidout is in the slums and have managed to extrapolate both good directions and assistance through a unique combination of interogation and intimidation.

We ran into the same strange cloaked woman for the second time and as with our first meeting she purposed a simple task and payment with a large amount of gold! We eagerly agreed to help her place a notch on a condemed building in the slumms, took her purse and carried on. I don't know what it's for but i can't see turning down the oportunity to make some gold thats this simple. We located the building easy enough though and with two quick stroke of my axe I removed a sisable portion of what we deemed the north corner of the building and kept it as a souvineer.

Travel from there to Murdochs place wasn't all that far but a bit tricky as we got turned around several times. We had to backtrack a bit and thats when the purses started to get lighter. Being the slumms we were naturaly targeted by pick pockets and I don't know how much my comrades lost but when they came to get me I felt it and bashed em in the face with my shield. It was some human whelp disgusting and disheveled, probably hadn't eatin in days, definetly hadn't cleaned himself this I know! Davin was kind enough to revive the little buggger quickly so that we could have a little conversation. We quickly used his terror to our advantage and with the agreement that we would fund an aprenticeship for the boy if he took us to Murdochs place. The terror in the boys eyes was imense at the name Murdoch but he agreed to help to get himself off the street.

Once he had led us to Murdoch's place we quickly formed a plan of attack using Protoss as the main destraction, My self as the main attack and the others as ranged cover. The battle was swift even though Murdoch, a henchman and 2 dragon dogs were lying in wait. As the obvios first danger Protoss took the brunt of the dragon dogs' attacks and I charged the henchman, my mind full of desire to not become a pin coushin again! Before I knew it the henchman had his head nearly cleaved off and I had one of the foul beasts after me. They proved a bit more dificult than their owner, but we made short work of them. Seeing things going badly Murdoch decided to run from Obtenibrous's sword and almost got away. By some sheer stroke of arcane genious previously not revealed Cidra managed to take him clean off his feet with a rather impresive jet of flame. I'll have to watch her closely, her powers are getting stronger and soon she may be able to help me.

Murdoch was quickly intarogated and much information was gained but I think it ment more to the others than me. I was just happy to avenge the Dwarves who parished in this idiots stupid atempt to kidknap a mine. I was also looking forward to the procurement of the items inside his home for the trouble he caused us. I managed to find a magic shield wand several suits of armor and weapons to be sold.

We ran back to pay the boy and send him to see Gunther SilverSword who would be willing to help this boy at our request and expense, and once he had gone we began the trip to the temple of the artificer. It was decided that Murdoch would be delivered to the hands of justiceby the Dwarves who survived the kidknapping and the priests of the Artificer. That is one man I don't envy.

One of the items recovered from Murdoch's was an invitation to some party for somebody in The Circle Of Nine. Makes no nevermind to me but I have to leave here soon or Grandhorn will think I obsconded with his package and hang me for treason!

Associated Regions: Atma, Citadel
From the journal of Grimgore Axehand

Contributor: Evan Menz