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The path to victory
I have found it. I have discovered the means to destroy the Prisoners Of Thule, to lay low our enemies. All our enemeies. I must be blind to have not seen the way before; it is as a shining beacon, and for so long, I simply passed it by. Down in the bowels of our new "headquarters" it has lain, for three long years. We entrusted it to Dolartu, but it was never meant for him; he has only a beginner's skill with a blade.

Merciful Release, Aram's weapon. It has been...corrupted...by long association with the former Angel of Mercy, to be sure, but with time, and a little study, the weapon can easily be made into a force for good again. Aram was not its true master, it was not Aram who this weapon was meant for--it was meant for me. I am the Elf who was meant to have this weapon. With it in my hand, Geas shall be safe from all threats.

But my companions would not understand. They haven't the insight I do into the real potential of this sword. They don't see that its power is not inherently evil. I shall have to convince them by deeds, not words. The time is not yet right, but soon. Soon...

Associated Regions: Curmeah
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz