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Tower Of Dismandus
Abandoned tower of a loner wizard and the site of a planar rupture.
Some distance south of Valkith lies the ruin of a small tower. Once the young and cruel wizard Dismandus, tired of distraction from his studies, came here and tried to build a home for himself in the wild lands. Dismandus, a scholar of the city, did not anticipate the harshness and needs of life so far from civilization and, although he managed to construct a small tower, eventually fell prey to the hard lessons of survival that his studies in the arcane did not prepare him for.

Some years later the presence of the wandering celestials Hadriel and - roused the restless spirit of Dismandus. Further, the dimensional fabric of the area had been weakened by the efforts of the Bleak Ones, and very presence of the powerful celestial was enough to tear into neighboring dimensions. For a short time the tower became a Well of Souls - a rift between the Plane Of Life and the Plane Of Death.

The energies of the Plane Of Life raged into the Plane Of Death, further damaging the dimensional barriers of the prime material plane. It was the Brotherhood Of Misfits, aided by the extra planar agent Archemedron of Law, that managed to seal the rift and save the world by combatting the forces of both life and death in The Golden Hall and The Iron Chapel.

Afterward the tower, now lonely and quiet, was consecrated in the name of both Aesia and Threnody and to this day is the only place in all of Geas that serves as a wayward shrine to both deities, a place of rest and refuge amidst rolling hills and distant forests.

Tower Of Dismandus is located in Selladorian Free Nations

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen