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Legacy Of Vincent Dhark
Tribute to a hero.
Kiergard is young as far as cities go, so it doesn't have many monuments. Of the few it does have only one can command any kind of fierce loyalty and pride in the citizens of the city; Dhark's Legacy.

The ten foot tall statue is a likeness of Vincent Dhark, who passed away in 3050 AA. It was commissioned and paid for by several of the higher ranking members of the Legion to pay tribute to their lost friend and General. It is located in The Castle Ward, in the center of a small plaza. Carved from granite and highlighted by red quartz inlay, it is a depiction of Dhark standing in his plate armor, shield held at his side and hand resting on the pommel of his sheathed sword.

Though his body is interned in a special room in the burial catacombs beneath the Our Lady Of The Glorious Dawn Cathedral, Dhark's statue is the place his friends and admirer's come to pay their respects to one of the founding members, and greatest leaders, of The Red Legion.

Associated regions include Kiergard
Legacy Of Vincent Dhark is located in The Castle Ward

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald