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Kingdoms Of Faerie
Home of the Fey
The Plane of Faerie is the realm of magic and myth, where the imaginations of a hundred storytellers derive their inspiration. Faerie is a land where fantastic creatures derive their supreme pleasure from the desires of mortals, and often play to those desires, both apparent and hidden.

Amongst the fey there are those who would seek to aid mortals, who are known as the Seelie, and those who hunt them and prey upon their fears, who are called the unseelie.

The Plane of Faerie is the home of the Sidhe, a subrace of the elven people.

Planar Traits

  • Normal Gravity

  • Erratic Time

  • Self-Contained

  • Alterable Morphic, although major landmarks will shift and move in a seemingly random order. Places on the Plane of Faerie will always be respectively near eachother, though the exact path between places can shift and change. Rarely, entire areas shift from one place to another as if of their own free will.

  • No elemental or energy traits.

  • Mildly chaos aligned.

  • All arcane spells cast in Faerie are enhanced as if maximized, empowered, and extended.

  • The Plane of Faerie is both coterminous and coexistent with the material plane.

Regions located within Kingdoms Of Faerie include Darklands, Sidhe Way, Wolf Woods
Kingdoms Of Faerie is located in Planar Cosmology

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen