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Born in Willowsmire to a family of farmers, Jaxom had humble beginnings. He was however, soon thrown out into the dreadful dark world a short fourteen years later. After an incident involving raiders, his father, and a lightning bolt from Jaxom's hand, he was branded a devil's child by his family, and forced to go on in life alone. He eventually ended up in a camp of merchants where he learned much about life, and crafts. He also learned that his powers were strange, and looked upon with some fear by most people.
After 2 years jaxom left the merchants, and went on by himself from city to city to develope his skills. He eventually met a wizard who taught him much about magic, and other things arcane. He also learned of Dragons, and he is now sure that dragons are his ancestors, and that his only family is one of dragons blood. After a time the wizard introduced Jaxom to a party of warriors who he travelled with for a while. He never felt as thouigh he fit in though, as he was younger, and looked down upon no matter what power he displayed.

Jaxom then wandered from town to town, looking for anything he could learn, and most especially for someplace to fit in. After a time, he fell in with the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards, and made many true friends. Many adventures and harrowing dangers latter, he fought beside his new family in the Battle of Roerihm, defeating the Black Hand Orcs.
Knighted after the battle, he now holds the title Sir Jaxom of Gideon, and lives in Alstone, where he perfects his craft and trains his apprentice, Renae Enenway.

Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Gideon, Willowsmire
Jaxom is a member of the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards
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Contributor: Jacob McDonald