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A region with a proud tradition of honor.
"Gideon has since been dismantled and its land now belongs to the church of Aesia."

- High-Father Ilkerk Absen, in report to the church of Aesia of Sellador, 2982 AA

The Dutchy of Gideon was a semi-autonomous state, the result of the Clerist Wars of 2832 AA when idealogical turbulance in the church plunged Sellador into civil war. Though much smaller than the northern lands of Sellador, Gideon held its power due to a fierce military tradition and strong religious convictions. Yet, despite this faith, its ties to the formal church of Aesia are strained at best.

Gideon was briefly absorbed back into Sellador in 2982 AA when the murder of its ruling family caused the nations power base to collapse. It was during this time that Aldaric Verdain, the lost heir to the throne of Gideon, appeared and began his quest to reclaim his place as king of his people.

A few years later in 2990 AA, after a series of minor military encounters will the Selladorian army, Gideon once again regained its autonomy.

Recommended Prestige Classes
Holy Liberator
Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom
Outlaw of the Crimson Road

Inhabitants: Human
Regions located within Gideon include Allstone, Alswer Valley, Fallstaff, Grove Of The Final Defense, Khrunos-Dur, Odeth, The Grove Of The Dancing Warriors, Tuallen, Verdain City, Willowsmire
Gideon is located in Sellador

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen