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Sir Aeric Of Dhoesone
Mercenary commander and powerful warrior.
Aeric hails from the free state of Dhoesone, some miles East of Gideon. He was born a farmers son, and was raised under his fathers roof until he reached the age of 20. Soon to marry, he began to make preperations to move to his own small homestead and start his own small farm. Some months before the aranged time for the wedding however, a large raiding party of gnolls sacked and burned the small vilage to the ground, killing everyone in the process. Aeric survived only by faking his own death.

Struck with grief and rage at the deaths of his family and his to-be-wife, the young man tracked the gnolls for three days before sneaking into their camp at night and killing many of them. His quest for vengence came to a head when he defeated the leader of the raiding party in single combat, disbanding the rest. He took up the fallen gnoll leaders sword, and, with no other options left open to him, became a mercinary.

Eleven years have past since then, and he still carries the sword that slew his family and loved ones, keeping it as a reminder of his own cowerdice then, and as a silent vow to never again hide himself while there is a fight to be fought.

Aeric's recent history is much more complicated than his past. He fell in with a group of people who latter became known as The Fellowship Of The Dark Shards, and with them stopped Naresh from manifesting in the world once agan. Among his companions were Gailin Verdain, Prince of Gideon, Raen Stiele, one of the first priests of Jerick, Jaxom, a sorcoerer of no small power, and Veridean, a rouge from Allstone.
It was Veridean that held the Dark Shards of Naresh inside of her, and when the final battle had come and gone, it was Veridean who Aeric chose to stay with. They, along with Jaxom, returned to Gideon to fight the war against Sellador, assuming new names so as not to be found by the many enimies they had made durring their travles. After two years, that war ended, leaving both nations crippled and without much military power.
Aeric set out with Jaxom to the elven lands of Tel-Tenauril to investigate rumors of the evil Veridean that had seperated from the one he knew in their final battle with the shard of Naresh. There, he was returned to his human form from the half-elven one he had been placed in after he had died fighting that shard.
Aeric and Jaxom returned to Gideon to find that the Black Hand Orcs had invaded Sellador, and swept the already weakened nation with little difficutly. They, along with their other companions and many new allies, fought a final battle to end the orc's rampage, and won.
Jaxom, Raen, Aeric, and Roven of Truendore were all knigted following the Battle of Roerihm, offically giving Aeric the tital Sir Aeric of Dhoesone. He, alone with Veridean, retiered from military service, and returned to him re-built home town of East Point. There, they set up a small farm, and live thier days happily, and in peace.

Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Dhoesone, Gideon, Selladorian Free Nations
Sir Aeric Of Dhoesone is a member of the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards
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Contributor: Jacob McDonald