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Lions' Den
Into the Human Lands....

We have finally reached the lands of those murderous savages, the humans. I must say that they have fulfilled every expectation I had of them. They are filthy, barbarous, treacherous, superstitious and witless beings whose only thoughts seem to be of hatred and war. I find it difficult in the extreme that our noble and normally-placid Jacques belongs to this savage species.

Soon after we arrived, we came across what turned out to be an Elven woman, by the name of Altaire. She claimed to be working for the crown in spying out the humans. Why she'd choose, as she'd said, to spend her time here, I'm sure I'll never fathom.

We sent Jacques into the nearby village to heal his clouded mind. It seemed, though, that he attracted some unwanted attention, as we were attacked by a group of human bowmen. We dispatched them easily enough, but I wondered how many more times we'd have to go through this, as word of our arrival spread.

We traveled on, toward the human capitol. Eventually we came upon a lake, which had filled in the crater, with an island in the center. We figured our best chance lay in searching the island, so we made a makeshift raft and began our trek out to the isle.

I think, however, that I have reached the end of my training. I don't know what my instructors would say of me; they'd quite probably laugh. But I feel I am now ready to call myself a bladesinger. Protector of my lands, defender of my people. We shall see if I truly live up to the grand tradition.

Associated Regions: Sellador
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz