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Adherent of the Order of Lahantwene
Born to a people, lost to the world in the center of what has become known as the Desert Kharse, Jacques is a warrior of his goddess L'Antwene. Raised to protect her garden from the evil that that lives in The Waste that surrounded his home, Jacques is an accomplished warrior with many unique talents. Shielded through his devotion to his goddess, he has become her hand in this world, both to show mercy and justice.

With only the clothes on his back, he has begun a journey to collect the pieces of the Crystal Tear, an object of powerful magic that represents the tear the universe shed so long ago when L'Antwene sundered the realm of men from the realm of dreams. An act which has forced her to slumber still to this day.

Though he has left his home, through means which he cannot understand, Jacques stays true to all of the teachings that were passed to him from his mentor Amael; who guards L'Antwene herself while she slumbers.

Jacques has begun to suspect that his memory may have been altered by some means, clouding the reasons why he was brought to Tel-Tenauril to begin with. He has recently begun having dreams that seem more like memories, riddled with familiar faces and names.

Recently Jauques had lost the use of his eyes and had become permenantly blinded. Only through his faith did he find sight again.

Jacques met his end while struggling to free the people of Aljidan from the tyranny of his brother Mortedamos and his undead legions.

Alignment: LG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Desert Kharse
Jacques is a member of the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear, Fellowship Of The Dark Shards
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Contributor: Drew Butler