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A Mighty Thrust
I knew he would come back to me! FrostFang will always be mine. I love to roll him in my hands. I've been catching myself absently fondling his knob these past few days. I can't wait to bloody his tip for the first time. He knows I won't be satisfied until I have used him fiercely.

Magmar took care of Kaladrax, like I figured. I guess he'd be back because he's a ghost. So Magmar decided that because he was the reason for the ghost's continual return, he decided to retire to the earth and eliminate the reason. He allowed everyone to have an item from his hoard. Except me. He said if I wanted FrostFang, the goddess only knows why, that was fine, but that's it. I thought about arguing that FrostFang had already been mine and didn't I deserve a reward too? but I was already satisfied. Besides, you just don't argue with dragons.

Lanathar disappeared so he and Freya didn't kill each other. Too bad. Let the bad apples take care of each other. I'll mop up the leftovers. Anwar was pissed too. She wanted to hold him to pay for his crimes. She wants to punish him, not that I can blame her. But she had Freya, who is spineless! Letting herself get controlled and then crying about it. Balls! Anwar was too soft with her. Just helping to rebuild the city? Come on. As if she'd ever get her lily-white hands dirty. I still want to kick her ass for throwing those ice storms at us.

But the doll is left behind. And immediately, as soon as we get back to the elven lands, Veridean, the ultimate wench shows up. She messed some people up. She's really hell with a dagger. But all the while it's like she was daring us to kill her. She'd throw out little provocations like "That's not how it's done." Or "I can't bleed." Wierd stuff like that. She should just make it easy and tell us! She fell over the railing and went splat. She almost had Islan this time. Scared me. He was really brave telling us not to worry about him, just get her. But you'll never hear those words from my lips.

From the journal of Arilyn

Contributor: Jess Landin