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Lizardfolk chieftan and warrior of valor.
Sseth is the chieftan of his tribe and a worshipper of Exuna, the Orishadi of Valor. Fierce and cunning, he is nevertheless bullheaded and stubborn.

It was this stubborness that led him to exile Kossoth, the Shaman of the Talon Tribe, in 3024 AA for questioning his judgement regarding ill portends of the suffering of the Orishadi.

Until recently he felt that valor was the greatest of the three Orishadi virtues but now recognizes that all must be in equal balance in order for harmony to be attained. His brief encounter with the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear and the Orishadi Oulduma in 3025 AA had a profound effect upon Sseth. Seeing strength in unity, he called Kossoth back into the tribe.

Sseth has aluded to previous encounters with the human ranger William Wayfair of New Sellador Port. Each obviously hold animosity for the other.

Alignment: CG
Race: Lizardfolk
Associated Regions: Curmeah
Sseth is a member of the Talon Tribe

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen