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Caer Airbhe-Fal
A safe haven from the evils of the world.

"I feel dark times ahead. The scent of death hangs heavy about the land."
Jemerall the Elder

A Druid grove located a few days east of the elven village of Irzantha. Its gains its name, which means "Fortress of Hedges" in the druidic language, from the huge briar patch that surrounds and protects the grove. Most trespassers have a hard time navigating the hedges, thought the druids can pass through them unharmed.

There is a secondary entrance which appears only near sunset, when the wind carries mist from a nearby waterfall over the grove. This mist forms the Ceo-Sead, or "Misty Path", and allows visitors to enter the grove unharmed.

Only one druid currently tends to the grove. Suzara , the daughter of its former caretaker Jemerall.

Inhabitants: Elf
Associated regions include Tel-Tenauril
Regions located within Caer Airbhe-Fal include Ceo-Sead
Caer Airbhe-Fal is located in Tel-Ithilien

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen