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Dwarven God of Righteous Battle
Throrn is the younger brother of Thurn. While Thurn concerns himself with slaughter, carnage, and blood, Throrn focuses on the glory of the righteous prevailing on the field of battle over the wicked. Though Thurn was the elder and the stronger of the brothers, Throrn nevertheless ensured that war need not be about destruction and carnage only. He saw in war the glory of the righteous, the strength of the courageous, and the purity of the dead. Throrn is usually depicted as wrestling with his brother Thurn.

Throrn's favored weapon is the heavy pick.

Alignment: NG
Races who worship Throrn are Dwarf
Throrn is worshipped in Citadel, Atma
Throrn is the god of Glory, Righteous Battle, And Honored Dead
Clerical Domains: War, Courage, Good, Glory
Throrn is a member of the Dwarven Pantheon

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz