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Balance Of Morals

The journal of Kalil the Seer, Priest of the Ourgos
24 Terra, 3036 AA

There are three forces in the world that govern all things; Destruction, Construction, and Balance. These three forces are used by the various factions of the world to achieve their goals, and there are many shades of gray that control those factions. To simplify things, we'll call these factions Good, Evil, and Neutrality. When one of these factions gains too much power, and uses Construction or Destruction to achieve their goals, the very fabric of the universe pulls at itself, stretching to accommodate the over-abundance of whatever force is being pushed to the extreme.

If one of these forces was to be pushed further than the fabric of the universe could hold, there would form a rift. Whatever faction held power over that rift, good, evil or otherwise, would hold dominion and sway over the whole of existence, attaining power beyond even that of the Gods themselves. It is for this reason that the Balance of Morals must be maintained at all costs.

Recent events on Geas have pushed the balance one way and another, but have now leveled out. Aram the Fallen's gambit with the Genesis Crystal was foiled, and Nolugar The Reaver's ploy to conquer all of Geas through death and destruction was brought to an end. Construction and Destruction balanced out, and all was well.

History, however, has a way of repeating itself. There are storm clouds on the horizon. The Balance of Morals is tipping again, but this time, it is clouded from my vision. I cannot find the party responsible, and I fear that if I don't, the world... no... the very fabric of existence, might be in great peril.

One can only hope that history will repeat itself in all ways, and another group of brave men and women will rise to maintain the Balance. May the Gods be with them.

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald