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And End To The Threat
Baratoria is safe and now to head home
The aboleths were waiting for us. They had their illusions prepared and I have to admit I was fooled by them. What was worse for a time they managed to turn Hunter and myself against our friends. I was trapped inside my own mind watching what myself attack my comrades even my own brother but unable to do anything about it. The order to kill my friends just kept repeating itself in my mind. It wasnt till it gave me a new command to attack Gim that I was able to break free.

Groehl Lochlan and Gim had already done a great deal of damage to the aboleths. Tenedos finished off one of them by burning a hole straight through it. Now all that was left was the other one. Gim attacked first I came right after him drawing my bow. While he was tangled with it I took a shot just missing it. Just after my arrow flew by it the aboleth vanished. Again they tricked me with their illusions. I need to find some amulet or something that acts similar to Groehls power of protection.

Realizing the aboleth must still be underwater we started towards the edge. A tremor shook the chamber causing rocks to fall and cracks to appear along the walls and ceiling. Hunter and I rushed from the room Kano just ahead of us. I turned to see everyone else still at the waters edge. They were saying that there was nothing wrong it was just an illusion. At the time I thought they were the ones under the illusion but I now know they were right. The cave in was an illusion and the creatures last one. Gims affliction had taken its toll on the last aboleth leaving it completely helpless under the water. He swam out and down to it taking a tentacle in its mouth. After dragging the beast to the shallows Groehl stepped forward to finish it but tripped only causing a glancing blow. Lochlan stepped forward to end it by impaling it on his Halberd.

Later with the others help Hunter and I were able to see through the illusion. Finally the threat of the Aboleths is at an end. Now if we can just make it off this island Ill be happy. I worry about my home, this note from Brunis and all these abberations make me wonder how far their threat has spread. I wont feel at ease until I have returned home.

Associated Regions: Baratoria
From the journal of Rorrin

Contributor: Mark Hughes