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Dwarven Cleric of Dannag-Mor
My name is Cleric Groehl from the Throrn church located deep inside the Citadel within Dannag-Mor city. Ah, I remember my days there as a youth running up and down the aisles of the great stone cathedrals and standing in amazement at the monuments to Throrn that were erected there. During my childhood my father, a war trodden mercenary, used to warn me and my brothers about the many battles that he fought in during the last century. He was always concerned that because of our familyís lack of stature that weíd never make it anywhere in life. Because of this fear he saved up every last piece of copper that heíd earned in the wars and sent me to the Rumnaheim academy.

I studied there under the tutelage of Master Ungart. Ungart was an epic level Paladin and Cleric. His healing abilities were far greater than I could ever hope to achieve. He worshiped the great deity Throrn as well... which is where I gained my faith and desire for war and glory. He stressed the importance of studies and urged me to continue my schooling of religion and arcane to help strengthen my commitment to the church.

During some of our lectures, Ungart would tell of the many battles that he had fought in with the Headmaster of the academy Brim Rumnaheim. Now, Brim was not the great Rumnaheim that the academy was named after but he was a descendant...but thatís another story. While talking about his fights with the Thurn forces, Ungart would describe the many different troops that had gathered to fight for Throrn. Not realizing that my father was a mercenary in that war he used to mock the mercenary fighters who only came to war for money... he proudly stated they knew nothing of duty or honor. Quietly, I nodded with embarrassment but realized that my father didnít have much sense for duty beyond family.

Once in awhile I was able to glean a lesson or two from Brim who seemed to be more responsive to war and the glories that come from it. He valued the duties of the church but he also valued the benefits of war and the honor that it would bring to the clan. Even though Brim didnít say much when it came to teaching it was his silent leadership... or rather his actions that spoke the loudest. No matter how small the task was, even though he was the headmaster, he would substitute for a class or help in the professions school. Often when I got a chance I would head down to the armorsmith where Brim would be crafting new armor or working on his own set. I started crafting my own set of heavy armor with the monetary help from Brim. Granted my first try took some effort but I was able to create the awkward and slow set. I valued the lessons received both verbally and unspoken that I received from the academy but eventually I was on my way back home to start my journey towards becoming an honorable cleric of the church.

After returning home from my schooling I gained a new sense of self through my respect for duty over family. I now know that through my studies of healing, religion, and spellcrafting that I will better improve my intelligence and wisdom to the point where my skills in battle will be far superior to any fighter, druid, or other front-line combatant. Iíll continue to search for any situation that will let me display my talents while maintaining my efforts in study and crafting. With balance I will finally be able to find glory, respect, and higher learning both on the battlefield and on off while fulfilling my duties to the church and clan.

Alignment: LG
Race: Dwarf
Place of Origin: Citadel
Groehl is a member of the The Shield Of Citadel
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Contributor: Chuck Jubenville