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Cailynn Iscoriet
Strange and mysterious holy warrior.
Cailynn Harrington came from a noble family of Sellador, born just four years before the royal wedding of the Queen, Sarana Delmont, to the prince of Gideon, Gailin Verdain. As the time for the wedding drew near, Cailynn's parents were appalled to find that their daughter was having fits, speaking in tongues and claiming to see the will of the Heavens.
Not wanting to have such an embarrassment present on such an important day, the Harrington's disowned their young daughter, and sent her to an abby in the country side where she could be cloistered away for the rest of her life.
Cailynn's madness seemed to continue, but as she grew more and more involved in her own strange view of the world, her will to survive grew even more. She was soon able to spontaneously work holy magic, and the priests of the abby grew to fear her. They thought she might be possessed, so after four years, with no other options, they called for their only recourse; the Holy Order of Aesia's Judgment.
Albrecht Iscoriet came to the abby and looked over the slip of an eight-year-old girl. The priests were further alarmed when he did nothing but smile like a madman... which of course he was. Still, they were happy to see the girl go when the holy warrior took her with him.
Years passed, and Cailynn was trained in all the arts of the Order of Aesia's Judgment. Now a tracker and destroyer of evil, this 34 year old woman is a holy warrior, and a miracle worker, still haunted by her strange visions, but with full control over her powers.
Cailynn took up the name Iscoriet, as all members of her order do, forever leaving behind her uncaring parents. She lives only for her mission now, and may the Gods help those who stand in her way.

Alignment: LG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Sellador
Cailynn Iscoriet is a member of the The Holy Order Of Aesia's Judgment

Contributor: Jacob McDonald