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Gailin Torele Verdain
Warrior of Aesia
Returned from the dead by the hand of his father, Aldaric Verdain, Gailin now has taken on a new mission. He traveled with haste from his father's keep, muttering only that he had to save his brother, Danyelle.

Rumors are all that persist of him now. Some say that he is the black knight of the Seladorian armies that are slowly but surely pushing their way into the heart of Gideon. Others that he single handedly pushed back those same forces in the name of Gideon, and now heads one the most ferocious armies that have been seen since Arthay Verdain himself broke the nation away from the clutches of the Selladorian church.

One thing remains the same through out all the different stories of this warrior of Aesia, the innocent look that once shown in his eyes is no more. He fights with an abandon that leads his name to cause a mixture of fear and wonderment in the stories that persist in taverns all across Gideon and Sellador.

Alignment: LG
Race: human
Place of Origin: Gideon, Sellador
Gailin Torele Verdain is a member of the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards, Verdain Family
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Contributor: Drew Butler