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Sarana Dalmont
Paladin commander of the armies of Sellador
Lady Sarana Dalmont began her life as a minor nobleman's daughter, but quickly found her calling in the Church of Aesia. One of the youngest paladins ever to be placed in charge of an army, she established herself as a powerful religious, social, and political figure almost instantly.

After a failed invasion of Gideon, she returned to Sellador and took command of the troops gaurding the High Temple at Grimaud. She held that post for many years until a secret band of Gideon's troops revealed to her that she was in fact Princess Sarana Dalmont, and first in line for the throne of Sellador and an indirect descendant of King Roryn the Just.

In the almost six months of traveling around the country gathering support from the people and the temples with Gailin Verdain, the two holy warriors fell in love. While they garnered support for her ascension to the Selladorian throne they harbored a secret love for eachother.

With the invasion of the Black Hand Orcs Sellador was pillaged and the High Temple burned leaving the nation in a state of disorder and lacking any kind of central government. Sarana stepped in and was crowned Queen of Sellador, just one day after she was married to Gailin, making the young prince of Gideon King of Sellador.

The two of them are currently taking on the monumental job of rebuilding a unified Sellador, complete with Gideon under their rule as well.

Alignment: LG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Gideon

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald