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East Point
Village of survivors on the frontier of the Free Nations
In 2991 AA a gnoll raiding party of the Blackflame tribe sacked and burned the town of East Point, killing almost all of its inhabitants. It wasn't until fifteen years later, in 3006 AA, that the town was formally rebuilt.

It is now once again a thriving community and is home to the married and retired adventurers Sir Aeric of Dhoesone and Veridean, former members of the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards. Because of the sacred role that Veridean had in the creation of the deity Threnody no member of that faith may enter the town by holy edict, a consideration to the couple who want to be left to raise their daughter in peace without the presence of the church of death.

The town still struggled with Gnoll attacks but the presence of these mighty adventurers paired with the indomitable spirit of the town have been more than enough to keep its people safe.

Inhabitants: Human
East Point is located in Dhoesone

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen