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Dalenurell's Note
What follows is the text of a note from the elven king, Dalenurell, which was sent to the Heralds Of The Dawn, a group that played a major role in the ending of the King's War and the downfall of Naresh in 2988 AA.

Seekers of the Tablet,

In respect of my father, this letter is written, though it will be the last moment of friendship between us.

I have placed my trust in you, though apparently my trust was misplaced. We know that you have emerged from the mountain, against my wishes, without incanting the phrase imparted to you. I am very dissapointed.

You know that the war goes badly for the people of Tel-Tenauril. The humans, due to their superior numbers, have advanced through our nation with greater force that we had imagined. Our magics stay them, but their use of foul necromancy and creatures born of nightmare continue to thwart our plans to defend our burning forest home.

I had given you a chance to finally proove your loyalties to me, though you have apparently turned your back upon the elves and sided with the humans, who perversely crusade against us in the name of a woman whom they will never truly know. It is thus, with a sad heart, that I must now declare you my enemy and the enemy of all elves. When next we meet, I will have no choice but to greet you with violence.

K'ora thar, seltunarathas ithiriad.


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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen