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Sword of a champion demon slayer.
Long ago, a sword was forged for a mighty Elven duelist by the name of Felinis Dormental, a member of the Order of the Bladesingers. The blade was to serve him as he set forth to combat the demon Cerciria, one of the Lords of Hell, who at that time was wreaking havoc upon the lands known as Sellador. After a mighty duel, Felinis defeated his foe at the highest Peak of the range now called the Border Mountains, and sent him back to the burning hells. Soon thereafter, Felinis succumbed to his wounds and died alone on the freezing Peak.

Time flowed by, and after nearly 2,000 years, the sword was discovered, still clutched in the hand of a frozen Elven hero, by a hobgoblin called Elzakrast. Being something of a sorcerer, he saw it for what it was, and used it for much evil. The evil caught up to him though, and Elzakrast was cursed with the unlife of a vampire.

In 3025 A.A. Elzakrast, working for the Black Dragon Krezix, led an assault on Khrunos-Dur, which was thwarted by a group of heroes from Gideon who killed the vampire and freed the dwarves. Roven of Truendore took up Darkglow, quickly learning of it's powers.

Several months after taking up Darkglow, Roven and his companions set out on a rescue mission, deep into the bowls of Hell it's self. It was there that he encountered Cerciria, defeated him, and freed the spirit of Felinis, who had been captured by the Demon Lord on his was to the afterlife. It was at that time that the elven warrior returened the full powers to the sword, giving Roven an even mightier weapon with witch to combat the forces of evil.

Darkglow is a Rapier +1 Evil Outsider Bane. It glows with a strange dark light whenever an evil outsider is nearby.

In it's fully powered form, Darkglow is a +5 Keen Evil Ousider Bane Rapier of Speed. It has the following properties:
-Glows with dark light (as a torch) when Evil Outsiders are within 200 ft.
-Can cast Detect Evil once per day.
-Can cast Planer Binding once per day.
-Can use Harm (aginst Evil Ousiders only) once per week.
-Once per year, Darkglow can be used to cast Greater Planer Ally to call the Planetar Aismerlan to assist in one combat against an Evil Outsider.
-Considered Good aligned for damage reduction purposes.
All spells and ablities are at 12th caster level. Darkglow in this form is an epic weapon.

Darkglow originates from Sellador
Darkglow was created by Jacob McDonald

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald