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A reclaimed dwarven outpost in the midlle of the human lands
Khrunos-Dur was a small dwarven outpost in the human kingdoms of Selladur, founded in 1812 AA by the great dwarven paladin Khrunos, son of Thaine Balagarn.

Designed to compliment the trade of nearby Duul-Roerahm, Khronus-Dur was small and designed to be more of an outpost rather than a city in its own right.

When the mists came in 2032 Khronus-Dur found itself cut off from the dwarven homeland of Citadel, it magical portal no longer able to breach the strange fog which had surrounded Sellador.

The fall of Duul-Roerahm in 2043, also isolated from the dwarven homeland by the mists, to marauding orcs precipitaed the fall of Khronus-Dur by only a few days. Orcs, using both the portal between the two cities and invading from the surface, attacked Khronus-Dur.

Later that year dwarves from Guildurun, led by Bombgar Khrunoson, launch a counter attack. The battle turned sour for the orcs eho used the magics to call call upon fiendish aid. The fiends came, slaughtering everyone, including the orcs, took what treasures they could, and vanished back into The Hells.

It wasnt untill 3022 that the halls of Khrunos-Dur once again rang with the sounds of dwarven smiths. Human adventurers, passing into the halls, uncovered and reopened the portal to Citadel. This opened the way for trade and exchanege between the human nations of Sellador, long isolated from the rest of the world by the mists, and the dwarven people.

Inhabitants: dwarf
Associated regions include Citadel
Khrunos-Dur is located in Gideon

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald