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Palace Of The Sun
Former refuge of the elven royal family.
The palace of the sun was the traditional retreat of the royal family of Tel-Tenauril for many generations. It was a hidden sanctuary where the king or queen could hide from prying eyes and find a few moments of well earned peace.

It was a favorite spot of Queen Aesia, who would often journey there to contemplate the fate of her people in solitude.

Upon the death of Queen Aesia in 0 AA Aradhrath ordered the hidden palace sealed and forbade anyone from venturing there. Being a place so loved by his queen he could not bear the thought of anyone else venturing into their inner sanctum. He even uprooted Maia, an ancient tree of the Aelari that had been grown there from a seed, and hid her far away in the Edenshire forest of Tel-Faenanil.

Eventually, as the years passed, the way to the Palace of the Sun was lost in both memory and record. It is rumored to lie in the mountains north of Tel-Tenauril, but none have ever been able to discern its true location due to the magics which guard it.

Inhabitants: Elf
Associated regions include Thanandir
Palace Of The Sun is located in Planar Cosmology

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen