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Eastern most slave city of Khadith
Aljidan is a city of slaves watched over by undead guardians created from their exhausted dead. It is a place of dark rituals to Ashuran, of great arcane learning, and of hopelessness.

In 2983 AA, under the guidance of Ashuran, the lord of the city began the construction of a great dam to block the waters of the river Neph and redirect them into the rest of Khadith. Construction of the dam was a long a difficult process that saw the death of many slaves. Yet, in 3023 AA, construction was completed under the rulership of Lord Mortedamos.

In 3025 AA the city was destroyed when the dam was broken by the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear. The city, both the upper city necropolis and the lower city slave quarters, was burried and washed away in the ensuing destruction. Little but ruins remain.

The people of Aljidan were led out the city before the breaking of the damn by Baerin of the Sacred Flame. They now reside in the hills of Krar-Ek, fighting to survive, yet finally learning the meaning of freedom.

Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include El-Alahd
Regions located within Aljidan include Necropolis Of Aljidan
Aljidan is located in Khadith

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen