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Dark lord of the slave city of Aljidan
Mortedamos was the dark lord of Aljidan, one of the slave cities of Ashuran located in north central Curmeah near the foothills of Krar-Ek.

He was a cautious, cunning, and dedicated servant of his dark master. A student of the arcane arts of of necromancy and illusion, he had also learned to rely upon the priests of Ashuran and their divinations to gather information on potential threats to his rule.

In 3025 AA the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear arrived in Aljidan accompanied by Baerin of the Sacred Flame, a resident of Aljidan whom Mortedamos thought he had disposed of. Assessing their great power, Mortedamos immedietly set his diviners to task gathering information on their true nature. Amongst other revaling information he also came to learn that one of their number, a man called Jacques, was in truth his brother.

When Mortedamos was young he was taken by the Children Of Ashuran and raised in service of the dark god. His parents, fearing that their younger son would also be taken, ran into the desert and vanished.

Seeking to use this knowledge to his own gain, Mortedamos lured the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear into the chamber of the Well of Souls where he had planned to sacrifice them and gain great power. In the ensuing battle Mortedamos and Jacques both met their end when, during their struggles, both fell into the well and vanished.

Alignment: LE
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Aljidan, Curmeah
Mortedamos is a member of the Children Of Ashuran

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen