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Mirror Of Valandil
Passageway into alternate realities
The artifact known as the Mirror of Valandil was crafted tens of thousands of years ago by the elven worshippers of Ethrendor and was lost for a great many ages. Diligent clerics of the elven god of time were able to locate the mirror once again but were unable to discern its true purpose. Of its many abilities, the foremost being the power to reach through the Temporal Plane and create a gateway to alternate timeline, the clerics were only able to rediscover a few. They often used the mirror to gaze upon alternate versions of themselves, reflections of what might have been, and use this knowledge to gain a greater understanding of the workings of time.

The mirror has been destroyed countless times yet always reappears in a later age. It has been conjectured that the mirror is itself a portal and cannot be destroyed by physical means, or that each mirror is, in fact, a different mirror which has migrated from an alternate timeline.

In 2035 AA one version of the mirror was stolen by Mortedamos, a servant of the dark god Ashuran, and put to use for nefarious means. Due to the destruction of Aljidan, the result of the battle between Mortedamos and the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear, it is assumed that the mirror was lost.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen