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Nyran Galanodel
"The world is shaped by the will of the Shaper, while the Shaper is shaped only by his will."
Nyran looks to be a young human male of approxiamately 20 years of age. He dresses in very plain browns and greens, mainly so as not to draw too much attention to himself. His short black hair naturally stands on end and a thin silver band can be seen wrapping his forehead. It is said that Nyran's eyes glow an intense green when he gets angry or upset, though he does tend to keep those emotions bottled deep inside.

Much is unknown about this young man other then the fact that he harbors a great power deep inside himself and that he seems to know a little more than he probably should.

Alignment: CG
Race: Elan
Place of Origin: Sellador
Nyran Galanodel is a member of the The Elan
View the journals of Nyran Galanodel.

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Contributor: Drew Butler