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Raina was always a trouble maker. From a young age she began making life hard for pretty much any authority figure she could find. She got a kick out of watching them squirm in uncomfortable situations of her own careful design. Other times her troublemaking was more earnest, as she would find herself in theological debates with the local clergy, often hinting at taboo topics of discussion.

Raina came of age during the begining of the Selladorian Church's great inquisition. As the years past and she became an adult she grew even more discontent. She began prying into places that she didn't quite belong and ultimately landed herself in trouble with a price on her head.

She escaped from Sellador, finally leaving behind the world she had grown to despise in search of new lands. She travelled north into the Forbidden Wood, known to the elves of Tel-Tenauril as the Watch Wardens.

There she encountered the magical traps set by the elves. Through sheer determination she managed to survive against all odds, though she was fast being worn down. It was during her ordeal that Artanis Dorthonoin, an elven scout, watched as Raina struggled against the magical traps and wards of the forest.

As he watched her, Artanis fell in love with her. Finally, when it seemed she could go no further and would sucumb to the forest, he revealed himself. He took her and left the Watch Wardens, keeping her and nursing her back to health. And so Raina came to love this strange man who had watched her for so long and finally saved her.

Artanis knew that his people would frown upon the union of an elf and a human, so he abandoned his noble station, his house, and his inheritance, and left with Raina to make a life for themselves in an isolated spot in northern Tel-Anoril.

In 2997 AA the Garanlyon sent a few of their agents, disguised as hired entertainers, to investigate Artanis. They discovered that not only had he taken Raina, a human woman, as his wife, they also found that Artanis and Raina had a daughter, Arilyn... a half-elf.

Of these two was Elegond, a bard by trade who craved adventure and a life on the road, and Teravus, a sullen wizard who craved power.

The night of their arrival, under orders from the Garanlyon, Teravus burned the home of the rogue Dorthonion Family to the ground, killing Artanis and Raina. Elegond, a kind hearted man, barely escaped into the night with the young Arilyn at his side.

Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Sellador, Tel-Anoril
Raina is a member of the Dorthonion Family

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen