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Alswer Valley
Winding passage in the mountains

Alswer Valley lies west of Tuallen and connects that city to the cave entrance of the dwarven mines of Khrunos-Dur. It is a long trail marked with the occasional copse of pine trees. A small stream winds it way down the center of the valley during the summer in fall. In spring the runoff from the mountains can cause the stream to swell, effectively cutting off the main road to Khrunos-Dur.

In 3022 AA the valley was the site of a battle between the orcish tribes of the mountains of the dwarves of Citadel who had been convinced by the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards to come to the aid of Tuallen in exchange for reclaiming the then abandonded mines of Khrunos-Dur.

Alswer Valley is located in Gideon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen