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Ancient sea town of western Aljahdahn
Omara was the western most city of Aljahdahn, the nation of humans in northern Curmeah. Due to its location between Atma, Uruluk, and El-Alahd, Omara was a center of trade and a place of exotic wares and cultural diversity. Gold was the highest authority in Omara, though the guard of the city, made up of both the dwarves of Uruluk and the humans of Aljahdahn, did their best to maintain honesty and order. Still, Omara had a thriving underworld of pirates and thieves.

In -197 AA Omara was nearly destroyed by tsunami, a result of the same tidal forces that tore apart the Atman outpost of Telos. Omara survived, however, and eventually recovered to reclaim its role as a center of trade.

The city was abandoned sometime around 2400 AA when a Desert warlord, a creature known as a Rakshasa, lay siege to the city. Through foul sorcery he brought a plague down upon its people, weakening them enough for his monstrous forces to wipe them out.

In the cities final hours a group of survivors fled by magical means and found themselves in the south eastern region of Sellador. The descendants of the survivors would grow to become the group known as the Amari, a name no doubt with its roots in the term "Omaran".

Inhabitants: Human
Omara is located in Aljahdahn

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen