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Dust Fens
The area between the Winding Wood and the Kharse Desert is known as The Dust Fens. It's a wind swept, rocky, inhospitable place even in the best of times.
Small hills run through the area, protecting it's one city of note, Ghamoura.
The town sprang up as a place where outlaws and criminals could hide out, and has evolved into a semi-lawless town of thieves, desperate merchants, and various monsterous races such as gnolls, orcs, and goblins. It's only major financial contribution to the Free Nations is that it serves as a supply point for traders who are suicidal enough to cross the Kharse on foot. Usually those traders are transporting something that they don't want to risk shipping by sea (mostly because of the inspections by the port athorities) or because they're just that crazy.

Dust Fens is located in Bloodskull Barony

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald