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Saint Evan's Ward
Ancient armor left by a sainted knight
This suit of full plate armor is made in the ancient style of the church of Aesia of nearly a millennium past. The armor itself is ornately constructed and is as much ornamental as it is practical. The breastplate bears proudly in its center the seal of the church of Aesia.


Magic Armor: +1 enhancement bonus to armor class.

Modular: The breastplate of this armor can be worn alone and still retain the magical benefits of the entire set of armor. The armor bonus and other stats related to armor type become that of breastplate, but still retain the other magical bonuses and abilities. If just the breastplate is worn the remaining peices of the armor do not retain their magical properties and cannot work separately from the breastplate.

Death Ward: Once per day as an immediate action you can activate this ability to ignore any death effect (including death spells, magical death effects, and energy drain) or negative energy effect (such as "Inflict" spells or Chill Touch).

Heroic Aura: Once per day as a standard action the wearer of Saint Evan's Ward can rally his allies. The armor wearer and all allies within 30 ft. of the person activating this ability gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls, saves, and skill checks. The benefits of this ability last for 1 round per character level of the person wearing the armor.

Saint Evan's Ward was created by Shawn Nicolen

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz