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A Year Apart
I returned to Dhoesone after ten long years away to find that not much had changed. The crop still grew, the pubs still had the same people, and the streets all looked the same. East Point was rebuilt some years ago, and new families inhabit the small village now. Almost no trace of that gnoll raid is left on my home.

I visited my Uncle Eldren in Fartherwall on the South side of Dhoesone to check in with my extended family. I recived a warm reception and a hot meal, over which I told my cousins of my adventures. I showed them Skullsplitter and Blacktounge, my swords, I showed them my fine Dwarven chain mail, and I showed them the shield that I had retrived from the battle field, also of dwarven make.

They were most impressed, however, by my newly discovered psionic talents. I told them of the Zanathae, the Underdark Humans, and what it was like to visit them deep within the Earth, and what it felt like to have voices in your head.

I spent two weeks with them, harvesting the crop, training up the malitia, and helping around the farm. Before I left again for the Dwarven lands underground, I gave them a small fourtune in gold, and told them to use it to help the comunity. I want Dhoesone to prosper, maybe even grow to its own kingdom someday.

On my way back to Gideon, I recived a message from Gailin telling my of trouble in the court. I rushed back, only to get there and find Veridean in chains...

From the journal of Sir Aeric Of Dhoesone

Contributor: Jacob McDonald